Summer Camp

With 187-acres of rolling pasture, vibrant crop fields, woodland trails, and historical buildings Hilltop Hanover Farm is the perfect venue for a hands-on farm summer camp, that engages and empowers children to discover, investigate and learn.  To provide the ultimate farm camp experience we have partnered with a leader in proven hands-on healthy-lifestyle education for children, HealthBarn USA.  The camp combines research-based nutrition education, physical activity and self-esteem development in an entertaining, high-energy learning environment.

For more information, visit HealthBarn USA.


Summer Camp Group Visits

We welcome summer camp group visits to the farm.  We offer a 3-hour hands-on workshop that engages children in all aspects of life on a seasonal crop farm, including; seeding, weeding, or harvesting for a local food pantry.  The workshop is run by farm staff with a focus on growing food sustainably.  Children will explore sustainable farm practices, including composting, green roof technology, rain water harvesting and alternative energy use.  We have an extensive network of woodland and pasture hikes where diverse habitats and be investigaged, including: fields, meadows, pond, woodland and farmland.  To plan a visit, please complete our Group Visit Form.